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Welcome to El Sagrado Farm

Colin and Karen Henderson have been farming here since 1994. We have been Certified Organic since 1996.  We have been using biodynamic methods of farming since the beginning of our adventure. For many years we specialized in growing over 50 kinds of vegetables, selling at farmers markets, local Natural Food stores and ultimately we grew food for over 100 families through our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).

Fresh Tomatoes

We stopped growing vegetables commercially in order to focus our efforts on growing Alfalfa and grains (Rye, Wheat, barley, Oats).

1950 In 2023

We raise Navajo Churro sheep. We sell four-horn Churro rams, breeding ewes, Lambs for market and we sell wool products (Yarn, rugs, fleeces, placemats and other products woven by local artist / weaver Roberta Vigil with El Sagrado wool)

Black Churro Fleece

We farm 320 acres - 140 of which are irrigated. 110 acres are dedicated to wildlife habitat. We train and enjoy our riding horses and farm (when we can) with our Belgian draft horses. Most of our field work is done by our collection of classic tractors and old equipment.
When we bought the farm, the land was suffering from the prior owner’s practice of growing Coors Barley and their application of herbicides and pesticides. There was very little vitality left in the soil and almost no earthworms. The old arroyo which was fed by Diamond Springs had been filled in to grow more barley. The ditch system was a wreck and the fencing was almost non-existent

We have focused strongly on building all farm infrastructure using recycled wood and other natural products and using the latest in sustainable building practices. We use no propane or natural gas on the property. We are off grid and all heating is done using state of the art active and passive solar systems, wood heating and geothermal designs.

In a world full of chaos and in which the very web of life is unraveling, the question arises - how do we defend this precious planet? How can we live in harmony with nature? As a society, we feel entitled to the wealthy lifestyles we live. Cars, cellphones, washing machines, trips to Europe, to Hawaii for a weeks vacation - all the time knowing our wealth is gained from sucking the planet dry - destroying the very planet that gives us life. And the thing that sucks is that we are all culpable in this destruction. On the other hand, we all want and need to be part of solving the challenges we face. El Sagrado Farm is our humble effort to showcase solutions to some of these challenges. In this fast paced world, the farm is, we hope, a place one can experience time differently, and see what living closer in harmony with the earth looks and feels like.

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